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Enrollment application:



CHECK CLASSES / PROGRAM(S) DESIRED: (See class listings for current classes/programs) Check all that apply

PLEASE SELECT FORM OF PAYMENT: (invoice will be sent to above email address to pay from, should you be accepted and wish to confirm enrollment in a class)

LIABILITY WAIVER: I understand that I will be working with and exposed to potentially hazardous tools, machines and chemicals, such as sharp utility knives, abrasives, industriel stitching machines, needles, adhesives and solvents as well as materials that are manufactured with various chemical components. I agree to hold harmless The Shoe College, Université des Chaussures, its employees, owners, contractors and/or associates, for any injury, illness, or other liability that I may incur while at the shoe labs or at any time before or after my enrollment. I agrees to allow photos taken during my attendance to be used by Tamera Lyndsay and/or The Shoe College and or it's parent company for educational and other purposes.

TUITION, ENROLLMENT & CONFIRMATION: Upon acceptance into a class, course or program at The Shoe College, Université des Chaussures, I agree that, to confirm my place in the class, I must remit the full, non-refundable tuition cost . I hereby affirm that have read and understand the Terms as laid out in this ENROLLMENT APPLICATION. Class size is limited to 1-3 students. I understand that my desired class may not be available on the date(s) desired, and that I may not be accepted into my class or program of choice.

TERMINATION: BY THE SHOE COLLEGE: I agree with the following grounds for immediate termination and expulsion (with no refund or exchange) by The Shoe College: Non-Payment of Tuition Insubordination Making false claims or giving misleading information in this application form Hate Speech Disruption of the learning environment including but not limited to texting or use of cell phones in class, inebriation or bringing alcohol into the labs, possessing a fire arm on campus, threats to the school, it's staff and/or other individuals on campus, suicide threats, missing/rescheduling class or being late without proper advanced notice.

TERMINATION BY A STUDENT: A student may cancel or terminate at any time by giving written notice to the director of the program. Students must cancel at least 30 days prior to the 1st day of their program in order to receive credit towards a rescheduled program. No refunds. I agree

Thank you! The approval process can take up to a week before you hear back from us. Please email us from the contact link to reach us immediately.